Chapter 11

I have represented small corporations and individual business owners through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Please see our resources for Businesses experiencing financial distress. There may be a number of options to bring your company out of debt.
  • I represent individuals who must file Chapter 11 due to their inability to file a Chapter 13 because of their debt level. Individuals filing Chapter 11 can achieve their goals in protecting their property and discharging their debt.
  • Schedule an appointment and together we will form a solution for your businesses debt.

For Businesses:

On the surface, business debt can diminish your ability to operate effectively and draw the harassment of credit agencies. Often, the problems run deeper and business debt can affect your personal financial situation. My practice is here to help your business find a new financial life and minimize the impact of business debt on your personal financial situation. If your small business or corporation is experiencing financial turmoil, please schedule an appointment to discuss your options.


Corporate bankruptcy filing through Chapter 11 can be costly and labor intensive. I have helped small corporations find more successful bankruptcy solutions through disincorporation and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Situations Causing Financial Distress

In Minnesota's current economic environment, there are many reasons that some businesses find themselves under significant debt. Often, work that was once centered in Minnesota has been outsourced out-of-state or overseas. Similarly, industries that were once prosperous may have simply been impacted by the general economic downturn of the last few years. Other, extremely frustrating causes of financial distress include: unpaid services rendered, embezzlement or employee theft, and unexpected tax debt. Regardless of your path into debt, you and your business will require experienced help to move past your credit past and begin a new financial route.